AMUT - Solar line

Solar line

Materials: EVA, TPU
Width: 1.050 – 2.100 mm
Thickness range: 0,3 – 0,8 mm

EVA, Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate, is the type of material produced with AMUT’s extrusion foil line and it is especially reserved for the production of solar-photovoltaic panels.

EVA foil protects the photovoltaic cell, encapsulating and wrapping the silicon cells, and enables a perfect sealing and a high adherence with the outer glass sheet and with the back-sheet (lower layer).


The EVA foil delivered with AMUT lines assures:
- the maximum light transmission;
- the absennce of deformations or shrinkages;
- a great capacity to achieve a good cross-linking level (necessary to end the panel lamination very quickly);
- the satisfaction of TÜV or CEI EN 50086 certificates requirements.


All units of the line are purposely designed for this application and to not compromise the foil dimensional stability.
There is not cross-linking during the extrusion process.
The innovative winding system can wind-up, directly in-line, the foil in reels or permit to laminate in-line a separating film sheet (mask film) or a silicone paper foil to protect EVA foil completely.






Solar line