AMUT - Lines for the production of medical tubing

Lines for the production of medical tubing

Materials: PVC, PP

The output satisfies the medical industry requirements: dimensional precision, reduced tolerance in production, clear or mat surface and absolutely no contamination allowed.




According to diameters, thickness, geometry and production that customer requires, the extrusion lines for medical tubing count on different models of extruders and heads.

A perfect calibration is ensured inside the vacuum tank, where a modulating control interacts with diameter measuring system, adjusing the vacuum if necessary.

Water immersion cooling tunnels are sized in length depending on the throughput required and are closed type to prevent any possible contamination. Process water is filtered using a special filter to ensure its purity.

Finished product is rolled up on cantilever reels, to avoid contact with floor while the reel is automatically changed by the system. Winding system is controlled by a non-contact sonar device, to prevent tension on tubing while the reel is forming.

Lines for the production of medical tubing