AMUT - De-Labeller


The De-Labeller, PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, is a dry pre-cleaning system removing full-body shrink sleeve labels from PET bottles.


DLB 15:  1500 kg/h
DLB 30:  3000 kg/h
DLB 60:  6000 kg/h


After the removal phase, the bottles still have a good integrity without damage or losing necks.
The De-Labeller has a continuous working process and it is the best solution to value bottles otherwise eliminated by sorting.
The De-Labeller is suitable to be added at the beginning of a washing line.

- Removal of all types of labels with an efficiency of 80-90%.
- Recovery of PET bottles with PVC or PETG full body sleeves label.
- Almost total detachment of the labels: with a flow of 100% of bottles with full body sleeves we can achieve an efficiency higher than 80%.
- Labels dry removal.
- Bottles surface dry cleaning.
- Continuous process and treatment with settable residence time.
- Integrity of bottles and necks, to enable the use of downstream detectors and avoid material losses.
- Recovery and valorisation of the dry labels, thus reducing disposal costs.
- Improved efficiency of polymer and colour recognition by means of electronic detectors.
- Greater PET flakes purity.
- Low wearing of parts.
- Low operation cost.
- Easy operation and maintenance.
- Optimized plant engineering.