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De-labeller technology by AMUT

AMUT has recently presented its new de-labeler, a new solution for the problem of shrinkable "sleeves" labels in PET post-consumer bottles recycling.


 PET bottles with full body shrinkable sleeves         PET bottles after de-labeler treatment       

             Before treatment                           After treatment

Non-stop running machine to get bottles in the recycling process for high friction but non destructive treatment, in order to tear up all of labels (thermoretractable - also called sleeves - included).
Design of this machine has been focused on drastically lowering the PVC and PETG pollution caused by those labels. But during delabeling process, the PVC film rings that are sealing the bottle caps are easily removed as well.
With no need to use processing speed that could damage the body of bottles, the AMUT delabeler (patent pending) is highly performing thanks to the shape of the elements that are generating the tearing force and to the residence time of material that can be adjusted in minutes.
Looking at the other delabelers that market is offering, they remove labels in a very short process lasting few seconds. To do that, they need to have rotor running at very high speed, so losing good material represented by those bottle necks that are inevitably broken and took out of the process with the labels.
In addition, the high speed of the rotor wears out too early the elements tearing up labels, so causing the frequent stop of the plant for maintenance.
This is not the case of the AMUT delabeler, as it lowers the wear degree offering a considerable saving of maintenance time thanks to the easy-to-replace cutting elements that are bolted, not welded.
The special design of the cutting elements also allows blades to be used on four sides prior to sharpening.
At the end of the process labels are collected inside the underneath hopper, then extracted by screw.

AMUT offers three sizes of de-labeler to suit:
- high flow rates
model DLB 60 and DLB 30 are suitable to treat the whole bottle feedstock of the washing line
- to work downstream the detectors
model DLB 10 is suitable to treat rejected bottles from the main NIR sorter.

Model    PET Bottles, Kgs/h    kW
DLB 10            1000               22
DLB 30            3000               110
DLB 60            6000               150

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